Orange Is The New Black

by Gary Fails | Jul 28, 2014

SHoW Baby 5

When we were designing our SHoW DMX SHoW Baby wireless DMX transceiver, somewhere in the design process, we decided to be different.  We decided to make it orange. If nothing else, we figured that it would get noticed by the color alone. 

The very next year, orange (actually “Tangerine Tango”) was voted the Pantone color of the year.  I don’t imply that we started a trend, but we were definitely ahead of the design curve.  And within a year, other orange products started to show up in entertainment technology.  It’s pretty obvious that you can attract attention with an orange product, as SHoW Baby, and these products from other manufacturers have proven. 

ADB console

Osram fixture
Apollo fixture

I thought we were way ahead of our time with the orange color, but those in the music world know about the original trailblazers in this area, Orange Amplification, who started in the 1960s, and were 50 years ahead of the design curve!   They knew how to stand out in a crowded field.