Tech Bulletin #

 05/06/2007  1000  Aquafog 3300™  Revised method of attaching wheels to axle

 07/23/2007  1001  AutoYoke  D39 diode

 07/23/2007  1002  WDS 15A Dimmer  Updated software V2.3

 07/26/2007  1004  WDS 15A Dimmer  Best practices for incandescent lamps

 11/19/2008  1006  Aquafog 3300™  Methods for repairing an Aquafog pump

 08/09/2013  1008  Products with Anderson connectors

 Installation instructions for Anderson connectors

 10/17/2008  1009  AutoYoke  A change in the pan and tilt motor mounts

 09/24/2008  1010  AutoYoke  Clarification of differences in lens mounting brackets in different generations

 10/16/2008  1011  Aquafog 3300™  A change in the Aquafog pump mounting bracket

 12/15/2008  1012  Show DMX Neo®  How to perform a wireless DMX site survey

 09/10/2009  1014  WDS 15A Dimmer  New dimmer curves are available

 10/26/2009  1015  WDS and SHoW DMX  Proper installation of remote antenna cables

 04/19/2010  1016  EFX Plus2  How to check or change input voltage

 04/19/2010  1017  PDS-50 and MasterBlast Controller

 New firmware to improve battery life

 12/17/2010  1018  PDS-750 TRX  The PCBA Temperature Sense IC U29 (Microchip TC74) on some units may fail at elevated temperatures.

 06/13/2011  1019  PDS-750 TRX and PDS-375 TRX  Incompatible USB memory sticks

 05/24/2012  1021  PDS-750 TRX™  Units with serial numbers listed below may have been programmed with incorrect MAC Address and RDM UID.

 05/24/2012  1022  PDS-750 TRX and PDS-375 TRX  A DMX termination issue is corrected

 03/22/2013  1023  PDS-375 TR™  PDS TRX power supply SHoW DMX Neo compatibility

 09/11/2013  1027  D2 and D4 Dimmers  A firmware bug has been found in the D2/D4 Dimmers

 06/10/2020  1030  Candle PWM Dimming   City Theatrical added a 100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor (City Theatrical part number 101-00059) between J7 (+) and J3 (-) on the candle PCB. Set your dimmer PWM output frequency to 1KHz or 1.2KHz, depending on model. To use City Theatrical’s dimmers with the new modified candles, you must set the Curve and the Mode to the proper settings, which are outlined in Tech Bulletin 1030. (Only affects City Theatrical Part Numbers: 3450, 3451, 3470, 3471, 3472, and 3473 Candle Kits/Sticks.)

 05/18/2017  1031 QolorFLEX Dimmers 5722 & 5742        The latest firmware for 5722M and 5742M require minimum level of firmware installed in the 5792M SHoW DMX Neo Max radio module.  

 12/1/2018  1032 Firmware for QolorPIX Tape Controller, Eight Output  The QolorPIX controller can experience a screen lockup after numerous keypresses while navigating menus. The lockup will periodically persist through a power cycle. The 5850 Firmware update fixes these lockups.

 12/1/2018  1033 QolorStrip Wireless LED Strip and Charging Case  When a QolorStrip fixture is in a charging case, the LEDs glow to help indicate charging is in progress. Maintaining this state while charging can lead to LED and driver IC failure. Removing the magnets from the charging case will prevent the LEDs from glowing without preventing the unit from charging. Charging status can still be observed from the LCD.

 12/1/2018   1034 ColorSource SHoW DMX Compatibility  ETC’s ColorSource wireless relay system uses 5792 SHoW DMX Neo radio module firmware v3.3.x to be compatible with ETC’s RDM network. City Theatrical’s SHoW DMX product line uses 5792 firmware 2.13.x. When the two systems are intermixed, compatibility issues may appear. To correct this compatibility issue, it is recommended to upgrade CTI product to radio 5792 firmware 3.3.x. See details in Tech Bulletin 1032.

 03/29/2021   1037 Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM Approved Antennas  This tech bulletin displays a table that lists all the approved antenna that can be used on Multiverse products and radio modules for OEM integration.