LED Lighting Crosses the Chasm

by Gary Fails | Aug 28, 2015

We were around in the dawn of the LED era when Color Kinetics produced the first commonly used fixtures for the architectural world. City Theatrical played a big part in introducing those fixtures to the entertainment world when we produced the power/data supplies that allowed the DMX control that users needed, and we added a large line of beam shaping accessories that lighting designers required.

We knew that a new world of LEDs was coming but no one knew exactly how it would happen or how long it would take.  We have all watched the world of LED entertainment lighting grow and it has been a fascinating time to be a lighting user.

One of the most competitive and controversial areas of the lighting market was for the LED profile fixture that could be a replacement for the Source Four, but that could also change colors.   Color changing LEDs had already killed the color scroller but LED profile fixtures had not quite been bright enough to be used as color changing fixtures.  Now that bridge has been crossed.

On the Broadway show Fun Home, lighting designer Ben Stanton utilized 150 Source Four Series 2 Lustr  color changing fixtures that are everything a Source Four is, plus more, with low power consumption and built in color changing capability.  This is a watershed moment in lighting history.  It has been done, it works, and there is no turning back.   The brief “save tungsten” era is over  and beautiful artistic LED lighting is being done on the professional level every day now.